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Register to become a PDF Complete Channel Partner in 3 easy steps.

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3. Begin creating quotes and placing ESD purchases for your customers!

Channel Partner requests are processed Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm CST.


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We neither sell nor share your company information. Please fill in your accurate company information to assist us in sending referrals to you. The more licenses your company sells, the more referrals we can send your way.

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Please provide your information.

Partner Referral Contact:

The Partner Referral contact is the person and their contact information that you would like us to give to customers who are looking for PDF Complete
re-sellers in their local area.

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Your customer is always welcome to directly contact PDF Complete's Technical Support Team to resolve any PDF Complete software issues. However, sometimes our Partners request to work with PDF Complete’s Technical Support Team on behalf of the customer.

The Technical Contact is the person at your company with whom PDF Complete will be working to assist your customer with any PDF Complete software technical issues.

Administrator Information:

The Channel Partner Account Administrator holds the keys to the kingdom for your company. This person sets up the Channel Partner account at PDF Complete and sets “permissions” for the different sub-account users under the main account for your company. The Account Administrator may set individual accounts for quotes and sales, with each user having their own login and their own set of permissions. This flexibility allows the Account Administrator to customize the permissions for each of their company logins as well as keep credit card information confidential. For questions, please contact a PDF Complete Channel Partner team member:

Microsoft Certified PDF Complete Resellers
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