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Do you need to remove this watermark from a document?

How to remove watermarks using your PDF Complete software.


If watermarks are appearing on PDF documents you are creating,
you have one of the following software situations:

  1. Expired trial or demo PDF Complete software
  2. Un-activated PDF Complete Corporate Edition software
  3. Incorrectly installed PDF Complete Corporate Edition software

How do I make the watermark stop appearing?

To prevent future documents from being watermarked, use a full,activated, and properly installed version of the latest PDF Complete Corporate Edition.  Purchase a full version PDF Complete software today!

Make sure your purchased software is installed correctly:
  1. Log in to your account (click Login at the top right of the website)
  2. Click My Account on the menu bar
  3. Click Downloads
  4. Follow the directions on that page for downloading and installing PDF Complete

Forgot your password? Click Login at the top right of any web page, then click Forgot Password? A link to reset your password will be sent by email.

Forgot your username? Email or submit a support ticket. Please include the first name, last name and email address provided during registration.

Make sure your purchased software is activated:
  1. Launch PDF Complete: click the Windows Start button, then select PDF Complete
  2. From the menu bar in PDF Complete, click Help
  3. Select Activate
  4. Follow prompts to complete the activation

If there is no serial number automatically provided during the activation process, please enter the serial number that was emailed to you when you bought PDF Complete.

If you can't find the emailed PDF Complete invoice containing your serial number, log in to your account on From the My Account menu, select Orders. Click Invoice to view a selected invoice, or click Email to have the invoice sent to you by email.


Once you've successfully purchased, downloaded, installed and activated PDF Complete Corporate Edition, no watermarks will be placed on documents you create. Note: You will have to re-create any existing PDF documents (from the source documents) to produce new non-watermarked versions.

Did you receive a watermarked PDF from someone else?

A special case: Watermarked documents you did not create

If you received a PDF document from a third party or you downloaded it from a website, and it contains the PDF Complete logo watermark, then you know that it was originally created using PDF Complete demo software, an expired version of PDF Complete trial software, or an un-activated copy of PDF Complete Corporate Edition 4.

If you know the creator of the document, you could ask that they re-create the PDF using a full, purchased, activated version of PDF Complete (or any other PDF creation product).

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