Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Do you need to remove this from your PDF document?

This document was likely created by someone else using expired or limited lifetime software.  You need the watermark removed and we feel your pain. We can't turn back the clock, but we can provide an easy way to remove this watermark from PDF documents.


Click here to remove the Watermark 

Hewlett Packard & PDF Complete:

From 2003 to 2016, Hewlett-Packard desktop, notebook, tablet, and workstation computers included PDF Complete software.  Hewlett-Packard relied on PDF Complete to provide an amazing out-of-box experience for their customers.  We are proud to be part of delivering PDF solutions to Hewlett-Packard customers.

You now have an opportunity to extended the features of your existing software to include editing, document organization, scanning, and optical character recognition.  

We invite you to take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee to try PDF Complete Office Edition.  We think that you will find that it is hands-down, the best value for PDF document software anywhere.

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PDF Complete Products:

PDF Features Special Edition
 (HP Pre-installed)
Corporate Edition 4
 (PDF Creator)
Office Edition 4.2
 (PDF Editor)
View Standard PDFs      
Search for text      
Select & copy text      
Create & print to PDF (Limited)    
Security permissions (Limited)    
Archive & email attachments (Limited)    
Form fill (Limited)     
Combine PDFs      
Page extraction      
Insert/append pages      
Rotate and move pages      
Scan and search for text      
(Advanced) OCR scan      
Edit text      
Insert text & images      
Sticky-note comments      
(Advanced) Security settings      
Security redact text      
Insert digital signatures      
Export to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint      
Export to eBook and Alto book formats      
Export to HTML, XPS, and text documents      
Archive PDF document to PDF/A-1, 2,& 3      



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