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Combine PDF Documents

Watch a short video on combining two or more PDFs into a single PDF document
 Approx. length: 1.5 minutes



  1. Open your PDF Complete application from the Start menu.
  2. From the top menu bar, Click File and select Combine Files.... (You can select this option with or without a PDF document open.)

    This dialog box will appear: 

    If you have a PDF file already open, its name will automatically appear in the list of files to be combined.

  3. Click the Add File icon   at the top of the window. This dialogue box will appear:

  4. From within the PDF Open dialogue box, select a PDF file to add and click OK.   

    Note: Only PDF file types can be selected and added to your combined PDF.  If you need to add a document that is a different file type, you must convert it to PDF before adding the file.  Learn how to convert a file to PDF
  5. The file will now appear on the list of files to be combined from the Combine PDF Documents dialogue box.

    • To add more files, Repeat steps 3 & 4 until all the files you intend to combine are listed.
    • To re-arrange the selected files, select a file by clicking it, then click Move Up or Move Down to re-order it in the list.
    • To remove a file from the list, select the file by clicking it, then click Remove from List.
  6. Click OK when you have finished adding, re-ordering and/or removing files for your new combined file.
  7. When prompted, save the file with a new name.



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