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Software Updates


Automatic Updates

PDF Complete will automatically check for product updates and inform you when product updates are available for installation. Automatic updates have become necessary to maintain well-functioning applications and high standards for customer service. Security concerns mandate regular updates to a number of operating system components and sub-systems. These updates may affect the operation of all installed applications. Many application vendors, including PDF Complete, have adopted the same type of online update process to keep pace with changes.


Manual Updates

By choosing to take advantage of product updates, you will receive the best service and satisfaction from your PDF Complete products. Manually check for product updates at any time.

  1. Open your PDF Complete application from the Start menu.
  2. From the menu bar, select Help and choose Check for Updates.

  3. Continue through the update wizard* to download any updates.

     If you receive a message to try again later, go through the update process again. If the software does not update, you can always login to our website and download the latest version under My Account.

  4. Click Done when the wizard has completed to return to the viewer.


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