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Corporate Edition 4 Tutorials

Find tutorials for PDF editing and advanced features:
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Rotate Pages
Using the Rotate Pages feature, orientate a document or individual pages within a document based on your viewing preference.

  1. Open your PDF document.
  2. Select the Rotate icon  in the toolbar.
    From the menu bar select Edit and choose Rotate...
    - OR -
    Right-click in the PDF and select Rotate Pages... from the right-click menu.
    Note: This option is not available in Edit Mode. Click the    - OR -   icon  in the toolbar to switch to a compatible mode.
  3. Within the Rotate Pages dialogue box that appears, select the direction of the rotation using the dropdown menu provided.

    • Clockwise and Counter-clockwise will rotate the page(s) by 90 degrees.
    • Invert will rotate your selection by 180 degrees.
  4. Use the radio buttons   to choose the Page or pages you wish to rotate:
    • All - rotate all pages within the PDF document.
    • Pages  - rotate a range of pages and specify page numbers from: (starting page #) and to: (ending page #).
    • Current Page (the default setting), All pages, or Pages within a range.

      - ALSO -
    • Filter Page Selection and Orientation sections, choose which pages to rotate based on other criteria (Even Pages or Odd pages; Portrait Pages or Landscape Pages).
  5. Click OK when you have finished making your selections to view the changes.




Move Pages
Using the Move Pages feature, pages may be moved to a different location within the PDF document.

  1. Open your PDF document.
  2. Right-click in the PDF you wish to alter, and select "Move Pages..." from the right-click menu.
  3. Within the Move Pages dialogue box that appears, use the radio buttons and controls provided to select an individual page or page range to move.
  4. Select the destination to save your selection.

    Note: The Move to Page feature will move the selected page to the number indicated. When moving pages around, allow for document adjustments. All pages listed after the relocated page will shift backward a number. The relocated page will be inserted into the new arrangement at the number specified. For example, if you want to move page 1 to page 5, you enter a "5" in the Move To Page number field. The selected page will become the new page 5 and the old page 5 will become page 4 in the new arrangement.
  5. Click OK when you have finished making your selections. Your document will now the reflect the changes you have made.




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