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Office Edition 4.2 Tutorials

Watch video tutorials for basic PDF features:
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Fill in a PDF Form

Please note that not all PDF forms are fillable. Sometimes form creators do not save their PDFs as fillable forms or they intentionally create forms to be printed and filled out by hand. These non-interactive forms are called flat forms and typically can be filled out using Text Boxes.

  1. Open a fillable PDF form that you would like to edit.
  2. Click in an input field, and type in a value.
    Note: This option is not available in Edit Mode. Click the  - OR -  icon  in the toolbar to switch to a compatible mode.

  3. Press Tab (on your keyboard) to accept the input. Press tab again and the cursor will move to the next field in the form.

    Note: If nothing happens when you click in a field (i.e., it does not become editable), then you are probably working with a non- fillable or flat form.

  4. Click to save your work.

Tip: You can re-open the form and edit your entries as often as needed.


Use keyboard shortcuts to move around form fields in a fillable PDF form:

Key(s) Result
Tab (Shift + Tab) Accepts input and moves to the next (or prior) field
Enter or Return (multiline text field) Creates paragraph return in same form field
Space bar + Enter Turns check box on or off


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